Internships and Fellowships

Children’s Law Center offers clerkship opportunities to law students interested in learning about the Los Angeles County dependency court system. This area of practice provides students with exposure to a wide range of child and family welfare issues. The participation of volunteer attorneys, graduate students, and undergraduate students is also welcomed at CLC throughout the year.

Law clerks and volunteers assist attorneys with trial preparation, witness interviews, research and preparation of motions, custody orders, guardianship papers, subpoenas, and restraining orders. Telephone contact, problem solving, and monitoring the enforcement of court orders with caretakers, social workers, therapists, and child and adult clients are also important functions performed by interns. Interested students often develop specialized research projects as well.

Clerks and volunteers attend confidential juvenile court proceedings and witness the dynamics of how this system addresses the needs of families in crisis. Monthly in-service training is also offered.

The CLC summer law clerk program includes a two-day orientation and training, trips to other courts and facilities that serve abused and neglected children, and regular brown bag training sessions covering topics including trial preparation and advocacy, sexual abuse, The Indian and Child Welfare Act, and delinquency/dependency crossover issues. Students are also encouraged to meet informally with attorneys and hearing officers to reflect on their experiences and observations.

CLC also welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with students seeking to apply for competitive privately funded fellowships. We initiated fellowship work at CLC in 2005 and continue to promote and support these invaluable opportunities for enhanced advocacy and system change.

Volunteers, grant recipients and students working for credit are all encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume and formal/informal transcripts (if available) via first-class mail, FAX or e-mail to:

Children’s Law Center of California
101 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, CA 91754

For fall/spring recruitment or additional questions please contact:
Elaine Bradshaw (Los Angeles)
Attorney Supervisor

Katherine McLoughlin (Sacramento)
Staff Attorney