Winter 2017 Issue 18

Message from the Executive Director

Thanks to your support, in 2017 CLC moved into our new child-centered, youth-friendly office headquarters;

Thanks to your support, over 17,000 infants and toddlers were visited by CLC social work investigators in their homes; and

Thanks to your support, mental health advocacy was provided to over 350 clients to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and the overuse of psychotropic medications. 

Legislative Updates

We are thrilled to announce that Governor Brown signed all of the CLC-sponsored bills that were waiting on his desk!  In addition to the $22 million increase in dependency counsel funding, CLC successfully advocated for the passage of these 4 important bills:

AB 766 (Assembly Member Laura Friedman, D-43): this bill enables a youth who is accepted into college to reside in the dorms, and to receive funding and services. 

Legal News Update

CLC’s Writ and Appeals team provides regular updates to CLC staff regarding the latest cases that have been decided by the appellate courts. To provide a bit of insight into the work that our dedicated attorneys do – and the issues they grapple with in court on a daily basis – below are summaries of two recent cases that go to the heart of our client-focused advocacy.

Sacramento Client Highlight: Dylan A.

Dylan entered foster care at the age of 11, after many years of living with drug-addicted and neglectful parents. He was understandably troubled and angry when he entered the child welfare system, ultimately discovering through the court process that his legal name was not even Dylan, and his birthday was different than what he had always been told. CLC Attorney Duane Vick was appointed as Dylan’s lawyer from the outset of his case. Duane immediately had Dylan’s legal name changed to Dylan, helping his young client’s self esteem issues immensely in the process.

“Fresh Outfitters” is Open for Business!

CLC’s beautiful new building includes a gorgeous boutique on our ground floor called “Fresh Outfitters.” Designed, equipped and run by volunteers including CLC Board Members Jo Kaplan and Jennifer Perry (in partnership with Children’s Action Network), the boutique provides brand-new clothing for our transition-age youth population, including professional attire for job  interviews.


CARE Unit Receives New Funding From The Reissa Foundation!

CLC is so grateful to have recently received a gener-ous grant from The Reissa Foundation to support the critical work of our CARE (Crossover Advocacy and Resource Effort) Program. The successful CARE Unit focuses on supporting, mentoring and guiding foster youth who become involved with the juvenile justice system (often referred to as “crossover youth”), helping our clients to successfully navigate and complete their terms of probation, with the ultimate goal of halting the pipeline from foster care to the criminal justice system.