Advocate for Educational Rights 
When a foster youth's parents are unable or unwilling to participate in the youth's education, the court has to appoint a responsible adult to stand in the parents' place. For foster youth who don't have any family or friends who can fill that role, the Children's Law Center of California recruits and trains volunteer education rights holders. Volunteers receive training on foster care law and education rights, and then may be temporarily assigned to hold education rights for a foster youth. They are responsible for getting to know the youth and his or her educational circumstances, and then participating much as a parent would--attending special education meetings, providing consent for various activities, tracking the student's educational progress, and generally supporting the student. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Education Attorney Consultants, Craig Liu and Eric Estaban at (323) 318-1033.

Other Opportunities

Attorneys interested in volunteering, please contact

Elaine Bradshaw (Los Angeles)
Attorney Supervisor
(323) 980-1700
(916) 520-2000
Non-Lawyers, Undergraduate Students, Social Work Students and Others
If you'd like to help CLC, please contact Jennifer Lorson at (323) 859-4039.