The designation Child Welfare Law Specialist is awarded by the National Association of Counsel for Children to attorneys representing children, parents, and agencies in child abuse, neglect, and dependency cases who have demonstrated an enhanced level of knowledge, skill, and experience in juvenile law. Child Welfare Law Specialty certification is designed to improve outcomes for children and families by encouraging specialization in this practice arena and improving the quality of legal services delivered to children nationwide.

Child Welfare Law Specialist certification requires that attorneys satisfy rigorous requirements including a minimum three years of experience in the practice of child welfare law, completion of continuing legal education, competency affirmed by other attorneys and judges, and passage of national and state child welfare law examinations. The following Children’s Law Center attorneys have satisfied these requirements and have been designated Child Welfare Law Specialists:

*Independent contractor/conflict panel 

Name Title Office
Meredith AlexanderAttorney SupervisorCLCLA5
Danielle Arnerich Combs Assistant Director of Operations Administrative Offices
Michele Breslauer Attorney CLCLA1
Lucila ChairezAttorney Supervisor CLCLA5
David Cheung AttorneyCLCLA1
Dean ConklinResource and Training AttorneyAdministrative Offices
Brenda Dabney Northern CA Regional Director Administrative Offices
Christine CaldwellAttorney CLCLA4
Barbara Duey Attorney Supervisor & CARE Program Director CLCLA4
Janna EcclestonAttorney CLCLA2
Christine EspejoAttorney CLCLA3
David EstepFirm Director CLCLA1
Matthew Felder Attorney CLCLA2
Kelsey Galanter Attorney CLCLA1
Tamara Garcia Attorney CLCLA2
Meghan GrimAttorneyCLCLA1
Blakely Hamilton Mental Health Attorney CLCLA4
Casey Hammon Attorney CLCLA2
Leslie HeimovExecutive Director Administrative Offices
Elizabeth HongAttorney CLCLA1
Rebecca Ingerman Attorney CLCSAC2
Ada KatzAttorney CLCLA3
Carolyn Kemper Attorney CLCSAC1
John Kim Attorney CLCLA3
Phil LaymanAttorney CLCSAC1
Sara McCannAttorneyCLCLA5
Jennifer McCartney Firm DirectorCLCLA5
Julie McCormick Senior Policy AttorneyAdministrative Offices
Jennifer McGee Attorney CLCLA1
Katherine McLoughlinAttorney CLCSAC1
Tina Milburn Attorney CLCSAC2
Patsy MooreAttorney SupervisorCLCLA3
Diana Moreno Attorney CLCLA2
Minhquan NguyenAttorney CLCLA1
Kelly Parker Attorney Supervisor CLCLA1
Estaire PressAttorney CLCLA1
Anna RakAttorney CLCLA1
Brenda Robinson Attorney CLCLA3
Nicole Rouse Managing Attorney CLCSAC2
Jaryn Saritzky Attorney CLCLA3
Craig SchultzAttorneyCLCLA1
Sasha Stern Attorney CLCLA3
Phyllis Stricklan Firm Director CLCLA2
Christopher Taylor Attorney SupervisorCLCLA1
Michael Torcivia AttorneyCLCLA1
Angela TorresAttorneyCLCLA2
Yarenia ValladaresAttorneyCLCLA2
Juan VallesAttorney SupervisorCLCLA1
Lucrecia VillafanAttorneyCLCLA3
Kari WhiteImmigration AttorneyAdministrative Offices
Cynthia WiditoraAttorney CLCLA1
Heather Wilson AttorneyCLCLA2
Stanley WuAttorneyCLCLA2