Be a change-maker! When you volunteer with CLC, you can help make a difference in the lives of children and youth in the foster care system. Volunteers play a vital role in furthering the mission of CLC to provide high-quality legal representation and advocacy to children and families throughout our community.

Volunteer Programs

Advocate for Educational Rights

When a foster youth’s parents are unable or unwilling to participate in the youth’s education, the court has to appoint a responsible adult to stand in the parents’ place. For foster youth who don’t have any family or friends who can fill that role, CLC recruits and trains volunteer education rights holders. 

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For more information or to volunteer, please contact Education Attorney Consultant Craig Liu at (323) 318-1033.

Fresh Outfitters

Fresh Outfitters was designed to give aging-out foster youth the opportunity to shop for new, cool clothing in a safe environment. We are always looking for new volunteers to ensure the shop is clean and organized, assist youth as they shop, and make them feel comfortable and safe, while providing assistance with sizes and fitting room. 

 For more information or to volunteer, please contact Nicole Cadena.

General Volunteer Inquiries

For attorneys

CLC offers clerkship opportunities to law students interested in learning about the Los Angeles County dependency court system. For Fall and Spring clerkship opportunities, please contact Elaine Bradshaw.

Non-lawyers, undergraduates, social work students, and others

The participation of volunteer attorneys, graduate students, and undergraduate students is also welcomed at CLC throughout the year. If you’d like to help CLC, please contact Minhquan Nguyen.