We need urgent action to make sure our clients do not exit foster care to homelessness in a matter of weeks!

Many of our transition age youth clients have lost their jobs and/or student housing as a result of COVID. CLC has been advocating to ensure these vulnerable youth continue to receive support throughout this crisis, but that support is at risk of ending on June 30th without further action from the state. 

There is still time to act! Budget negotiations are happening now. Please join us in asking Governor Newsom and the California Legislature to prioritize youth in foster care. 

Call and/or submit comments to Governor Newsom and California Legislature leaders TODAY and ask them to extend foster care benefits for foster youth who turn 21 so that these youth will not find themselves further traumatized and without a home as of June 30th.

Contact California Leaders:

For additional resources about extended foster care, including sample social media messages visithttps://bit.ly/FundEFCCal.

Sample Call and Email Script
Dear ——, 
The COVID-19 crisis has brought to light the urgent need to enact policies that will ensure transition age foster youth are able to stay safe, stable, and in supportive placements during an emergency. We urge you to extend these protections to anyone who turned 21 in foster care after March 4, 2020. Please extend foster care benefits for foster youth who turn 21 so they do not become homeless.

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