CLC’s pre-petition program provides a full array of legal and non-legal interventions to break the intergenerational cycle of foster care. Learn more in The Imprint.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a proposal to explore what it would take to provide parents with legal counsel before the child welfare agency files a petition in dependency court. Thank you, Supervisor Hahn and Supervisor Solis, for authoring the motion and the entire Board of Supervisors for addressing the harms of foster care by providing early advocacy.

This pre-petition model allows parents to receive legal representation as soon as they come to the attention of a child welfare agency. CLC offers early legal advocacy to parenting foster youth at risk of losing their children to the system and will be launching a prevention program to provide advice and resource referrals to parents earlier in the process. You can learn more about our multidisciplinary advocacy on our website.

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