CLC’s Policy Team has been working tirelessly on Assembly Bill 670 in an effort to prevent children of parenting foster youth from entering the child welfare system.

Amid a typically feverish legislative season in Sacramento, a small but significant bill on the governor’s desk aims to protect hundreds of the most vulnerable state residents: the children of children raised in foster care, who enter government custody at staggering rates.  

Assembly Bill 670 aims to stop the alarming rates at which parenting foster youth see their own children enter the system, by providing them with more robust legal representation and limiting the way social workers can investigate them for possible abuse or neglect.

“These parents are constantly under the eye of the court and social workers through no fault of their own,” said Luciana Svidler, a senior policy associate with the Children’s Law Center of California. “They’ve come to the system because of their own abuse and neglect, but everything they do is under a microscope.”

Read the full story in The Imprint.

To learn more about CLC’s policy efforts visit our Legislation and Policy page here.

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