July 01, 2011

Los Angeles/Sacramento –The Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles (CLCLA) is thrilled to announce the opening of our new offices in Sacramento. With our expansion beyond Los Angeles, CLC will now be known as ‘Children’s Law Center of California’, and will serve as appointed counsel for children in foster care in both Los Angeles and Sacramento counties.
“CLC is honored and humbled to have been selected by the Superior Court and the Administrative Office f the Courts to provide legal representation to abused and neglected children in Sacramento’s child welfare system. CLC staff in both Sacramento and Los Angeles will work hard to ensure the highest level of legal representation throughout the difficult and often heart-wrenching dependency proceedings that so gravely impact these children’s lives and futures. We look forward to opportunities for collaboration, important system reform work and providing an even stronger voice for California’s children and youth.” Leslie Starr Heimov, Executive Director.
Children’s Law Center of California will continue to operate as a 501(c)(3) but now with divisions in Los Angeles and Sacramento: Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles and Children’s Law Center of Sacramento, respectively. The Sacramento Office, located at 8950 Cal Center Drive, officially opened its doors on July 1, and at that time assumed responsibility for the 3,500 children currently involved with the Sacramento County Dependency courts due to allegations of abuse or neglect. Firm Directors Brenda Dabney and Rachel Raymond will each oversee a multi-disciplinary staff of attorneys and social work investigators who together will help the children and families of Sacramento to quickly and safely address the issues which brought them before the court.

For further information about CLC and to support CLC’s efforts to help vulnerable children and families click here. All donations are tax-deductible.

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