The CLC policy team is celebrating the progress of five bills working their way through the California State Assembly.

AB 20, AB 448, AB 937, & AB 1512 all passed out of the Senate with unanimous support. AB 1756, previously AB 876, has passed out of both houses unanimously & is heading to the Governor’s desk!

AB 20 would allow children and young adults adopted through the child welfare system to maintain critical connections to their biological family and community.

AB 448 would strengthen existing requirements around social workers and/or probation officers’ documentation of family finding efforts.

AB 937 would state that if reasonable services have not been provided to a parent — even at the 18-month date — the court must order an additional six (6) months of reunification services.

AB 1512 would require counties to conserve Social Security Administration benefits received by a youth in foster care for that youth’s current and future needs, rather than using those benefits to pay for the cost of the child’s foster care placement.

AB 1756 allows attorneys representing foster youth to access critical information if their client passes away while in foster care.

We encourage writing letters to assembly members and Governor Newsom to ensure these important bills will help improve the lives of youth and their families.

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