CLC has been a leader in Los Angeles County’s continued efforts to eradicate Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). We have spearheaded innovative court projects, advocated at the Board of Supervisors, the State Legislature and across various child serving agencies for best practices to meet the needs of children and youth who have experienced CSE, and invested significant resources to provide intensive services for foster youth impacted by trafficking. 

CLC has actively participated in various committees including those with the following topics:

  • CSEC State Wide Action Team
  • LA County CSEC Steering Committee
  • ICAN CSEC Committee
  • LA County Victim Witness Protocol Committee
  • Human Trafficking Task Force and;
  • Los Angeles County “No Such thing as a Child Prostitute” Campaign. 

CLC’s CSEC Team continues to grow and improve our practices to best serve the CSEC community. Our attorneys and case managers are dedicated to building rapport with our clients and providing support as they navigate the system. Our team provides resources, helps clients find safe housing, attends meetings with our clients and provides support when they testify in court.  

My attorney has supported me in so many ways. She has helped me completely change the way I function and helped me improve on my public speaking. All that has been a big help to me in my everyday life. She has supported me throughout the years with my new life as a mother. I have felt respected by her and I respect her as well. 

Kennya R., CLC Client