Unfortunately, foster youth lag far behind those of their peers, and youth who spend time in foster care are far less likely to graduate from high school and attend postsecondary education.   

Educational Advocacy

CLC’s in-house Education Team focuses on ensuring that our clients have the tools necessary to overcome these obstacles and to succeed. Our specialized attorneys have the knowledge needed to navigate California’s school districts, and particularly its legally mandated services for youth with special education needs. CLC’s Education Team regularly attend Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings and coordinate with case-carrying attorneys to advocate for needed services for our clients. 

Volunteer with CLC

As part of our educational advocacy, CLC has created a successful program to recruit volunteers to serve as “Educational Rights Holders” for youth whose parents are not able or appropriate to make important educations decisions on their behalf. This program matches volunteers with foster children who are struggling in school; please see our Volunteer page for more information.